Light is essential

The contemporary light and sun application.
DAYON LightSpa is your wellness oasis at home. Discover how the contemporary light and sun application increases your well-being and gives you a naturally beautiful radiance.

Light is essential to life and has a direct impact on performance, well-being and even our appearance. Each light spectrum has different effects on our organism. LightSpa uses the bio-positive effects of well-dosed sunlight and nourishing red light.

Light is Beautiful

For a naturally beautiful glow.
DAYON LightSpa gives you a beautiful, sun-kissed glow that is gentle on your skin. Sunlight not only improves your mood, but also gives your skin a natural tan. DAYON LightSpa uses a carefully balanced spectrum of UVA and UVB that is similar to sunlight to give your skin a natural, all-over tan.

LightSpa Hybrid and LightSpa Beauty complement the gentle tanning UV light with a mild red “Beauty Light”. Special red light is applied to the deeper layers of your skin, promoting the production of collagen in your body. This helps to reduce fine lines and visibly tightens your skin. The revitalising effect of this red light and its positive treatment for skin have been confirmed in a number of studies. Combined with UV light, this mild light helps your skin to feel comfortable and creates a beautiful glow.

Light is Regeneration

LightSpa boosts your energy.
We all feel good when the sun is shining. We feel revitalised and active, we are in a great mood, and we would love nothing more than to embrace the whole world. DAYON LightSpa is an oasis of well-being that brings sunshine into your home. Close your eyes, enjoy the warmth of the sunlight and recharge your batteries.

Aromas can also have a direct impact on our mood, revitalising us or helping us to unwind. To make your time-out even more relaxing, you can also make the most of the benefits of a range of scents in your LightSpa. The natural essential oil from Swiss pine is the perfect way to round off your spa experience, and makes sure you enjoy your time-out in the sun with all your senses.

Light is Happiness

Light is essential for our health and happiness.
Even in the Ancient World, people were aware of how the sun could affect their psyche and health. For instance, athletes used sunlight to help them prepare for a competition. Hippocrates, one of the most famous doctors in the Ancient World, even recommended “heliotherapy” to prevent illnesses or treat acute cases. While the treatment of illnesses now lies exclusively in the hands of doctors, we know from our own experience how much good the sun can do for us. During the darkness of winter, we often feel sluggish, tired and susceptible to illness.

Light is Well-Being

Sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D.
The most well-known effect of sunlight is the formation of vitamin D from the UVB content in the light. However, due to our current living standards, we have only limited opportunities to generate vitamin D naturally. After all, we spend most of our days in sealed rooms and behind windows that filter out the UVB in sunlight. With a modern at-home tanning bed, you can top up on sunshine and light all year round: 15 minutes in a LightSpa correspond to around 25 minutes in summer sunshine in Central Europe. So, the winter blues are now a thing of the past.

Wellness for your home

DAYON LightSpa was developed to bring sunshine and light into your home. Discover the ideal LightSpa for you now.